I have done 423,750 pushups in the 21st century.
Here's how many I did the last 10 days: 400 210 275 300 225 300 0 100 200 150

One Million Pushups!! So What! Lots of people have done One Million Pushups in their lives. In fact, a guy named Paddy Doyle did 1,500,230 in one year! I don't care. I just want to do One Million Pushups before I die.

My Story - Sometime in 2002

The big difference between me and most others who have done One Million Pushups is that I am just a normal, out of shape, overweight guy. I'm not an exercise fanatic, but I am goal oriented. When I started, I weighed almost 220 lbs and was very inactive. I'm still overweight and very inactive.....except I do a lot of pushups.

The thought of doing One Million Pushups before I die had crossed my mind many times before I started, but I never took myself seriously. Then all of a sudden the year 2000 was coming. I figured instead of having a New Year's Resolution, I would have a New Millennium Resolution. One Million Pushups Before I Die.

So I started on January 1, 2000. I went into the room my wife and son were in and declared that I was officially starting my One Million Pushups. I did one pushup to ceremoniously start my quest. I was 42 at the time (I'm 52 now by the way) and knew enough about myself to resist the temptation to start too fast and end up hurting myself. So I started real slow, 20 or 30 a day, using reps of 10 or 15, and took days off. To quote the common saying, "It's a marathon, not a sprint." I was underway.

Currently, I usually do anywhere from 100 to 400 pushups a day, and 20 to 40 pushups a set. I also take a day or two off every now and then. I just go with how I feel or if I have the opportunity. At one point, I took almost a whole month off, just due to laziness. But I started feeling bad about going in the wrong direction, so I got going again. Sometimes I take a whole week off, but chunks of time off like that really hurt my average per day. Since I didn't do too many pushups in 2000 and 2001, my average per day is pretty low. But in 2002, I did over 81,000, which is an average of almost 225 a day, so the average per day is slowly raising.

By the way, I do real pushups. Meaning body straight, nose and chest touch the floor on the down, and arms fully extended on the up. The only one I'd be cheating is myself if I didn't do them properly. The official Guinness World Record rule says "The body must remain straight throughout, i.e., no bending at knees or waist. The body must be lowered until at least 90 degree-angle is attained at the elbow. The body must then be raised until the arms are straight. This equals one push-up." Close enough for me.

This web site came about because I wanted a way to track my progress toward my goal. At first, I used a new 2000 calendar that I got for Christmas as my log book. But all I could easily get from the calendar was daily numbers and weekly totals, if I did the math. And I had to keep a running total going. If I wanted to figure out my average per day for example, I had to do the calculation each time I wanted it. After I couldn't find a computer program to do the tracking and calculating I wanted, I decided to make my own program. It's not actually a program, it's a PHP programmed website that uses a MySQL database. Each time a page is called, the database is queried, everything is calculated, and the page displayed. There is also a separate password protected input page.

So here's my website. I started it for my own use, but I thought maybe others might be interested in what I'm doing and would want to periodically check my progress. Welcome and please visit again.

Phil B.