I have done 423,750 pushups in the 21st century.
Here's how many I did the last 10 days: 400 210 275 300 225 300 0 100 200 150

Welcome to MillionPushups

Holy Grail Body Transformation

I use this site to track my progress toward my goal of doing 1,000,000 pushups before I die. I started Jan 1, 2000, and if I keep up the current pace, I'll finish on Mar 13 2031. Read My Story for the explanation about how I got started with this goal.

Don't forget to come back and check on my progress from time to time.


Site news

For the regular visitors, you'll notice a major site redesign. It's not just limited to the visual appearance, it's completely redesigned "under the hood" also. I'm still using PHP for the database stuff, but the layout is now completely CSS, no tables and minimal formatting in the page files. All the magic happens in the CSS code.

I didn't have very much CSS knowledge until I started helping a friend, Eric Troy, with his fantastic website, Ground Up Strength or GUS for short. GUS is a great resource for strength training and overall fitness information. Eric and his crew have a no non-sense approach to training, nutrition and anything that affects our bodies and minds. GUS has a TON of content that will keep you busy for a while.

The past few years have been tough on my body and I had shoulder and elbow problems. They were both caused by physical problems I already have (shoulder impingement caused by the shape of my shoulder socket and age related arthritis in my elbow) and aggravated by my weight lifting. I have worked the issues out and I'm trying to get back into doing lots of pushups again.

Another issue was that I got out of the habit of doing the pushups because of my injuries. I'm slowly getting back into it and hope to start regularly adding to my total again.

And one more change, since I used Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle to lose a bunch of weight, I thought I'd review the program and offer a link for folks to buy it. I also review and link to the website hosting company I use for MillionPushups, HostGator. If you see any other links that interest you, by all means click them and follow them to great offers.